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Soothing a Problem

Some cancer patients can experience a severe skin reaction whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment on the palms of their hands and feet.This can result in dose reduction of chemotherapy or treatment breaks, both of which could reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

Our charity was approached to source a supply of special moisturising cream to help address the problem.

An initial supply of 20 tubs has been delivered this week to the CDU to be issued to patients on a needs basis with the compliments of our charity.


So delighted that we can be of help.


Our Dream Team pictured with some of the new laptops

The Fight Against Covid 19

Thanks to the support our charity has received from the public, we are delighted that we can play our part in fighting Covid 19 infection in our local Cancer Day Unit. We have purchased eight specialist laptops which each member of the nursing team can use to access each patient's details.

The new computers will , provide immediate access to key treatment information, remove the need to share desk based computer terminals and therefore reduce the possibility of cross infection within the treatment area.

Computer Screens.jpg

Patient confidentiality is at the heart of the work done to support those going through a treatment regime.

Our charity was asked if we could fund special computer screen covers for each of the desk based computers used within the

    Cancer Day Unit.

We were delighted to arrange this, so a total of 15 screens were delivered this week at a cost of £700.


New Purchases Just Arrived !

Two of the latest hi-tec digital scales have just arrived at the Unit which will accurately measure a patients weight and height.

Funded by our charity, each set of scales, costing £450 each, will be used to monitor vital information on any changes in patient statistics before, during and after their treatment.

Receptionist Annie is pictured trying out the new equipment,


These are some of the 60 heart shaped cushions we are donating to the Breast Cancer team at Withybush Hospital for issue to those patients who have undergone a surgical procedure.

We are so grateful to the WI groups in Pembrokeshire who have laboured long making the attractive cushion covers for our charity.

You are stars!

Snapshot 1 (14-11-2019 11-48).png


Our charity has recently installed a new updated video in both televisions which are situated in the waiting areas of the PHODU at Withybush Hospital.

In addition to important information for patients and visitors they include lots of images of our gorgeous Pembrokeshire.

Supporting the Work of the Macmillan Team in Pembrokeshire


Really pleased that our charity is able to supply another 100 free thermometers to newly diagnosed patients. Working in tandem with the advisory team at Macmillan Cancer Support at Withybush Hospital our thermometers form part of patient information packs put together by the Macmillan team.


Bernie George, Trustee is pictured with Rachel Kersey,Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Service – Pembrokeshire

We've Been Shopping!


Two of the Very Latest

Patient Observation Units

Heart Graffiti

The Latest in Heart Monitors


Three Specialised "Cold Caps" to Help Reduce Oncology Patient Hair Loss During Treatment



We are so very lucky to have the skills of our oncology and haematology team at Withybush.

It's why we continue to work hard to raise funds for their patients.

It's great when we can turn the cash donations our charity receives into practical support for others.

New Batch of Digital Thermometers for Patient Use

We've just delivered a further batch of 100 thermometers which will be issued to patients who need to monitor their temperature when at home.

So pleased that we can play a small part in the support of patients.

Making a Difference NOW Thanks to Your Donations to Our Charity

We are always pleased to respond to the requests we get from the team at the PHODU for items which they are not able to source themselves. Below are some of the equipment items and other donations we have made to support the team and the patients who need to attend the Chemotherapy Day Unit.


We are also delighted to have been a major contributor to the new Unit which opened recently by contributing a donation of £207,000.


        A Telephone Headset

   for the Day Unit Receptionist

Our charity was asked to fund the cost of a "hands free" telephone headset to give the receptionist maximum flexibility when responding to incoming telephone calls.

We were delighted to do just that.

Computer Screens
Computer Screens

To Maximise Patient Confidentiality

Patient Weight and Height Scales
Patient Weight and Height Scales
Cold Caps(Reducing Hair Loss)
Cold Caps(Reducing Hair Loss)

Three specialised cold caps and support machine aimed at enabling oncology patients to limit hair loss during treatment.

Heart Monitor
Heart Monitor

An up to the minute ECG machine for the exclusive use of the PHODU team.

Two Observation Machines
Two Observation Machines

Latest hi tech vital signs monitoring units which support PHODU patients

Cooling Fans
Cooling Fans
Waiting Room Magazines
Waiting Room Magazines

A range of monthly publications courtesy of our charity

Untrasound Unit (£14,500)
Untrasound Unit (£14,500)

Used to Carry Out Surgical Procedures on Patients

Medication Pumps and Stands
Medication Pumps and Stands

Used to Administer Blood and Other Treatment Products Within the CDU.

Patient Thermometers
Patient Thermometers

A Complimentary Thermometer for Each CDU Patient

Recipe Books
Recipe Books

Specialist Healthy Eating Cookbooks for Those Undergoing Chemotherapy.

Information Monitor
Information Monitor

Information Display in the PHODU Waiting Area.

Chester Chest Training Aid
Chester Chest Training Aid

Specialist Training Unit to Support Local Training at Withybush Hospital.

Heart Shaped Cushions
Heart Shaped Cushions

Free Issue to Those Recovering from Breast Surgery

Treatment Manuals
Treatment Manuals

Specialist Reference Guides for Use by the PHODU Team.

Sewing With Love Evening

Thanks to these lovely ladies who met as a group and produced nearly 50 covers in just one evening! 

They will be used to cover heart-shaped cushions for issue to patients at Withybush Hospital who are recovering from breast cancer surgery.

We cannot thank you enough for this very kind gesture. It means our charity is able to provide this little comfort item to each patient as an aid to their recovery and as a keepsake.

Tess and Wendy Taking
Delivery of the Cushions