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Our grateful thanks go to the individual supporters listed below and the family and friends in memory of loved ones on this page who have helped us by donating money or items which we have been able to sell to raise valuable funds for the Appeal.

Roll of Honour

Henry Beaumont

Mr & Mrs Harries, Letterston

Mr & Mrs A Thomas, Ambleston

Nicola Thomas, Herbrandston

Charmian Rowley

Aubrey Journeaux

Donna Marie Longhirst

Reg Dixon

Nicola Charlesworth

Knud Rasmussen

Roddy Smith

Glyn Owen Jones

Diana James

Ida Dix

Cyril Roberts

Muriel Hughes

Natalie Harding

Catherine Ewart

Heather Williams

William Ingli James

Byron James

Bernard McNamara

Dianne Thomas

Wilfred Price

Beverly Evans

John Lewis

Diane Doncaster

Julie Davies

Roy Watkins

Pamela Margaret Thomas

Natalie Harding

Audrey M Naish

Ann Hart

Patty Parsons

Bronnie Evans

Jenny Picton

Mrs Chris Williams

Velma John

Viola Prickett

Victor Fields

Win Nettleship

Selina Hughes

Trevor James

Mrs Jessie Morgan

Llinos Edwards

Sue Shaw

Bernard Edwards

Henry Fullick

Elsa Kaiser

Peter Sidney B Hall

Janet Elizabeth Thomas

Stephen (Sam) Daye

John Owen

Sheila John

Derrick Noakes

Peter Keith Nicholson

David Billing

Anna Lewis

Christopher Beasley

Debra John

Tanya Rendell

Stuart Lewis

Clare Webb

Ridian Angell

Gwyn Thomas

Patricia Morgan

Jane Voyle

Steve Thomas

Hugh Morgan

John  James Thomas

David Young

Noel Reed

Len Swainson

Gordon Barrett

Danny Fellows

Richard Scott

Geoffrey Brace

Antonia Stenna-Evans & Family

David Yates

Chris Hossack (Mrs)



Roll of Honour


Anthony Simms

Jenny Owen

Glanrhyd Williams

Eirlys M Owen

Wyn Harries

Cerys Llewellyn

Margaret Elizabeth Baker

Roy James

Colin Jones,BEM (Gallantry)

John Owen Harries

Ruth Maureen Guy Mitchinson

Rowena Kirkbride

Lyn Roberts

Victor Fields

Mrs Yvonne Ryan

Mrs Margaret Angell

Mrs Jean Vilma Horne

Patricia Wiggins

Sue Williams

Nicola Leahy

Olwen Warlow

Ryan Davies

Brenda Britton

Mrs H Carty

Mervyn James

Andrew Williams

Mrs C. Williams

Mari Davies

Jean Davies

Andrew Williams

Alun Jones

Mr A W Taylor

Michael Gately

Janet Bell

Marilyn Evans

Auriol May Richards

John Martin Lewis

Yvonne Gwendoline Baxter

Jeffery Hackett

Laurie Hawgood

Michael (Mike) Jenkins

Phil Bristow

Karolyn Mary John

Colin George Bellmaine

Sandra May Lloyd

Ann Joyce Lewis

Jill Evans

Ruth Owens

Ann Archibald

Malcolm John Farnham

Thomas Williams

Avril James

Zelda Farr

Terence James

Leslie Gwyther

Terence ML James

Marilyn Watts

Colin N Davies

Malcolm Rees

Tony Gillard

Patricia Ann Davies

Alan Roach

Gwilym Cornock

Charles Baillie

Petrina Bowen

Alan Warlow

Gerallt Rees

Tom Davies

Adam Lewis

Roger Lefevre

Pearl Anderson

Peter John Francis

Stephen Reginald Jenkins

Anthony Frederick Wakeman

Malcolm James Randall

Carolyn Morris

Pilar Maria Longworth

Kenneth John

William Conolly

Morgan G Lewis

Louise Mary Griffiths

Elsie Warlow




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